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Vaclav Brazda

Kohoutovicka 48
CZ 641 00 BRNO
local ambassador of CASA.

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I am human being (somebody tells it about me). I live in solar system in one small gallaxy, on the planet Earth. Unfortunately I don`t know about another places in space, where net is working (sometimes). If you know about any net out of Earth , please, let me know. Earth or "our world" is divided by tradition to continents and states. I am mostly in Europe and Czech republic. Local information I can find mostly in CTK or in some newspapers.


I graduated in section molecular biology and genetic on faculty of sciences Masaryk University in Brno. Now I study local structures of DNA. Information in my field I can find on page biology. For searching: National Centre for Biotechnology Information or Google.
Some other resources:


My main hobby is music - especially a-cappella. I am leader of vocal group DNA (Dreamy Natural Accord). I like all kind of games and sports. I have collection of PEXESO (Memories?). The game of GO . The HH Squash ladder.

Thank for advices and information.
E-mail: vaclav@ibp.cz